Finding Answers #6
Finding Answers 6
Episode information
Series Finding Answers
Air date 5 May, 2015
Run time 1:22
Starring Kathryn Prescott
Anna Jacoby-Heron
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Finding Answers #6 aired 5 May, 2015.


Kathryn Prescott and Anna Jacoby-Heron discuss Crash's decision at the end of Stay With Me.


JACOBY-HERON: In episode six, Crash makes the decision to enlist. Do you think Carter would have stopped him if she had known—
JACOBY-HERON: Or…does she understand?
PRESCOTT: I think Carter was a little naive about the whole thing with Shay and doesn't understand that this isn't just, like, a packet of, like, MDMA or something that a friend gave her at a party[1]—this is like a guy who does this as his living, and I feel like she just doesn't fully—or didn't fully—understand the ki—and Crash does know what Shay is capable of; or maybe she's just in denial, and then, when Crash actually leaves, that's why she doesn't fight it, which is like, "No, you should come back, you should come back," 'cause she's like, "Okay, he's serious, and this is serious, and I should stop being selfish and wanting him to be here, just kind of 'cause I want him here and think I can protect him from this…guy…"


References Edit

  1. Episode: The Birds.
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