• …Finding Carter's first episode aired 8th July, 2014.
  • The Birds takes place one month after Carter was returned to the Wilsons. One Hour Photo takes place three months after.
  • Grant is the first Wilson in which Carter connects with; the second and third are David and Taylor, respectively.
  • …Carter's first friend at her new school/home is Gabe.
  • Kathryn Prescott is a fraternal twin in real life to Megan Prescott, with whom she played an identical twin in Skins.
  • …Prescott's Skins character, Emily Fitch, was also a party girl who fell madly in love with someone and had a strained relationship with her family, similarly to that of Carter's love for Crash and her relationship with her family throughout Season 1.
  • Cynthia Watros has a set of twin daughters.
  • Jesse Carere, actor of Ofe, was in the US version of Skins, whereas Prescott was in the UK version of the series.
  • …"Random Housing", the publishing company that published Losing Lyndon, is a play on the popular publishing company, Random House.
  • Love the Way You Lie takes place four hours later from where One Hour Photo leaves off.
  • MisterWives performed at the fair in Wake Up Call.
  • Zac Pullam has his own web series called "Zac Attack", wherein he chats with various members of the Finding Carter cast.
  • …Though fraternal twins are more common, identical twins are portrayed in fiction and television more often instead. Identical twins allow for more comical plots, and add symmetry and symbolism, in addition to being visually appealing. Furthermore, they allow for an evil twin vs. good twin, etc. Fraternal twins are seen as "regular siblings" and not as fun as identical twins in the fictional universe.
  • …Prescott and Anna Jacoby-Heron have a web series together called "Finding Answers", wherein they discuss their characters' behaviors and feelings throughout the series.
  • …Jacoby-Heron's car got towed around the time of the 2B renewal.
  • Kyle Medeiros marks the first death in the series. Shortly before his death, Elizabeth ended things with him. His death was foreshadowed with a pleasant father-son scene between he and Gabe.
  • …Gabe is the only child in the series whose parents are both dead.
  • Alex Saxon was promoted to a main role for Season 2.
  • …You can add more trivia by editing Template:DYK and view/link the official trivia page by visiting Finding Carter trivia.

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