Jacob Yoffee
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Jacob Yoffee is a Resident Composer for the American Studio Orchestra, and concert and film composer based in Los Angeles.


Yoffee's father is a US Marine and mother is a school teacher; he grew up in military bases and moved every two years. He graduated high school in Okinawa, Japan. Yoffee was always interested in film and went to the Peabody Conservatory to study orchestration, wherein he was introduced to Modern Jazz, a craft he devoted himself to for ten years.

After working as a performer for several years, Yoffee returned to film music and entered the New York University Film Scoring program and moved to Los Angeles immediately after graduation.

Awards and accolationsEdit

In 2009, Yoffee was featured on the cover of Saxophone Journal Magazine.

Yoffee was awarded the 2012 Outstanding Recent Graduate award from John Hopkins University.

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