"Losing Lyndon"
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Belongs to David Wilson (author)
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First appearance Pilot
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Losing Lyndon is the book David Wilson wrote after he and Elizabeth's daughter, Lyndon Wilson, went missing. In it, he explains the heartache of losing a child.

The book was published by Random Housing, and David went on a book tour to promote it, with his writing agent, Toby, at his side. Due to the amount of hype his hit book produced, Carter's kidnapping became well-known to the point that Carter's return made her a bit of a celebrity, much to her dismay.

Losing Lyndon is the prequel to Finding Carter.

Notes and triviaEdit

  • The book has never physically been seen—only mentioned.
  • Carter never read the book.
  • The book contains the date of the abduction, which Carter would have known she was celebrating instead of her actual birthday had she read it. (May 5th)

References Edit

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