Carter has a flashback of Lori asking her to play a game of pretend, consisting of Lori picking her up and taking her to a waiting car; as they drive away, Taylor watches from the doorway. The twins wore matching dresses. Carter wakes in a hotel room, with Lori talking on the phone and looking outside. Lori closes the curtains and loads a gun, then arms herself with it.

Gabe, Ofe, Max and Bird watch the news in a hotel room. Ofe doesn't understand why there's nothing on the news about Carter's abduction. Bird says there's no Amber Alert, either, and it's been four hours. Max suggests Gabe ask his dad if he's heard anything. Taylor arrives and says it's a media blackout. Bird demands to know what happened when she learns Taylor and Max broke up, and Gabe and Ofe convince her to go with them to get snacks. Taylor apologizes for being there, but Max is glad she's there. Max and Taylor decide to get back together.

Elizabeth explains to the FBI in an interrogation room everything that she knows. She wants to know why the FBI ordered a media blackout, because Carter's been missing for four hours. The FBI has taken over the case, so they can't relay to her any information about the case. The federal agent sends her home and tells her to let them know if Carter or Lori tries to contact her.

Lori gives Carter a bottle of water after she realizes she's awake. However, Carter scoots away and confronts her.

Taylor asks Max if he thinks Lori would hurt Carter. Max tells a worried Taylor he doesn't think Lori will hurt her, but he's surprised what Lori has done. He comforts her.

At home, Elizabeth tells Grant, Joan, Buddy and David she's been pulled off the case because she is Carter's mother and was too involved, and she blames herself that Carter is gone again. Elizabeth cries to David that she can't lose their baby again. He tries to comfort her by telling her it's going to be okay, and Grant gets upset, because David doesn't know what's going to happen. Buddy follows after Grant.

Lori walks Carter out to a car, hurting her arm on the way. Lori tells Carter they're going to get Taylor, and Carter makes a run for it.

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