Carter's long-time friend Madison arrives at her doorstep after having been kicked out by her own parents for being gay. She visits Carter in order to see how she is doing following the whole 'kidnapping situation'. Carter appears to be angry at her at first for her lack of communication while her life was being turned upside down, but Madison explains that her parents wouldn't let her go near Carter or her new/old family.

Madison and Carter talk about the gossip that Carter has missed. Madison meets Taylor and kisses Max as a greeting when she recognises him, making Taylor jealous - only to reveal that Max 'made her a lesbian'. She unintentionally reveals a secret about Max's past to Taylor, which she later confronts him about.

Taylor feels hurt that Max didn't tell her this secret, so he reveals to Taylor that he went through a huge trauma when he was only 6 years old - his father stabbed his mother in the kitchen of his own home while he was watching from the pantry.

Meanwhile, the Wilson family hold a birthday dinner for Elizabeth, and they all make an effort to make it seem like they are the perfect family so that Grant will return home from staying at his Grandparents' house. While they cook, Elizabeth and David drink wine and work together to form a spontaneous meal. Hillary stops by to "drop off some papers" and sees that Liz and David's relationship is on the mend and that there is hope for reconcilement, weirdly spurring her on rather than deterring her from pursuing David further. Kyle also stops by to wish Elizabeth a happy birthday but gets jealous quickly and leaves soon after. 

Joan faints/collapses after forgetting to take her heart pills, but she is fine and goes home happily. David and Elizabeth agree to set up a doctor's appointment for her.

Madison and Carter argue about Lori while looking at an apartment for Madison, and Madison reveals she has been communicating with Lori behind Carter's back. Back at Carter's house, they continue to argue about how Lori is her mother but the Wilson's are her family now. Carter gets offended by Madison's comments and asks her to leave. Before departing, she apologises to Carter for what she said and goes off with Max to stay at Bird's for a few days.

Following the loving, happy, family vibe as a result of Elizabeth's birthday celebrations and Grant's cake, both Grant and David decide to stay home instead of sleeping elsewhere. 

As the episode comes to a close, Carter gets her phone back from Elizabeth for good behavior and receives messages saying that Lori tried to kill herself while in the mental hospital.

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