Actor Role No. episodes
Kathryn Prescott Carter Stevens 12 episodes
Cynthia Watros Elizabeth Wilson 12 episodes
Alexis Denisof David Wilson 12 episodes
Anna Jacoby-Heron Taylor Wilson 12 episodes
Zac Pullam Grant Wilson 12 episodes
Milena Govich Lori Stevens 8 episodes
Alex Saxon Max 12 episodes
Vanessa Morgan Bird
Jesse Henderson Gabe
Jesse Carere Ofe
Caleb Ruminer Cameron "Crash" Mason
Eddie Matos Kyle
Meredith Baxter Joan
Robert Pine Buddy
Stephen Guarino Toby
Hunter Stiebel Zubin 1 episode
Andi Osho Susan Sherman 1 episode
Molly Hawkey Agent Dawson 1 episode
Darren Dupree Washington Cop 1 episode
Jesse Mackey Cop 1 episode
Raihan Baqui Stoner Best Friend 1 episode
Jetta Juriansz Yogurt Customer 1 episode
Lily Kershaw Performer ("As It Seems") 1 episode
Susan Williams Dr. Simone Weldon 2 episodes
Ikia Walker Stoner 2 episodes (uncredited)
Gregory Alan Willians Captain Moss
Maddie Rae Cooper Maddie Gilmore 1 episode
Vonii Bristow Kid A 1 episode
Dwayne Boyd Grady Smith, FBI 1 episode
James D. Owens James Owens 1 episode
Judd Lormand Officer Tabor 1 episode
Malcom F. Johnson Perpetrator 1 episode
Dan Triandiflou 1 episode
Robert Mello 1 episode
Charles William Cook Bar Patron 1 episode (uncredited)
Rebecca Koon Ms. Freen 1 episode
Marshall Cook Janitor 1 episode
Roger A. Harrison Parent 1 episode
Roger Neal Pedestrian 1 episode
Elizabeth Hunter Reagan 2 episodes
Erick Wofford Dead Body 1 episode
Tasia Grant Woman who killed husband 1 episode
Rebecca Rusk Rebecca J. Rusk 2 episodes
Keith Ham Baliff 1 episode
Dave Rajkumar Pizza Delivery Boy 1 episode
Alyssa Varsalona Taylor's Teammate 1 episode

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