Actor Role No. episodes
Kathryn Prescott Carter Stevens 12 episodes
Cynthia Watros Elizabeth Wilson 12 episodes
Alexis Denisof David Wilson 12 episodes
Anna Jacoby-Heron Taylor Wilson 12 episodes
Zac Pullam Grant Wilson 12 episodes
Milena Govich Lori Stevens
Alex Saxon Max
Vanessa Morgan Bird
Jesse Henderson Gabe
Jesse Carere Ofe
Caleb Ruminer Cameron "Crash" Mason
Eddie Matos Kyle
Meredith Baxter Joan
Robert Pine Buddy
Dawn Young-McDaniel Discharge Nurge 1 episode (as Dawn Young)
Gary Weeks Agent Lee 1 episode
Elizabeth Becka Anne Wallace 1 episode
Erin Chambers Hillary 2 episodes
Gregory Fears Party Guest 1 episode
Darla Pelton-Perez Motown Dancer 1 episode
Rachel Michelle Thompson Jamie 1 episode
Ben VanderMey Mike 1 episode
Ashley LeConte Campbell Patricia 1 episode
William Haze Allen 1 episode
Elizabeth Revels Prison Guard 1 episode
Allison King Tarot Card Reader 1 episode
Justin Kucsulain Zeke 2 episodes
Molly Kunz Madison 2 episodes
Zach Sale Emcee 1 episode

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