Taylor is desperate to get back to a state of normalcy, while Carter desperately seeks answers from Lori. Carter asks her father about his possible ties to Lori, which he rebuffs. She doesn't believe him, remembering the photo that Lori had taken of him. David ends up telling her that he had a one-night stand with Lori while he was going through a rough patch with Elizabeth many years ago. He tells her to keep this information a secret from her mother until the time is right for him to reveal it himself. Elizabeth doesn't want Carter to go near Lori during her interrogation.

Meanwhile, Max runs into Crash, who attempts to apologize, but Max wants nothing to do with him. Later, he shows up to Carter's "welcome home" party, where he is confronted by Carter for abandoning her and Max, and he gets punched by Gabe. The next day, Crash finds Max again so they can talk. Taylor is angry that Max wants to put the incident behind him. She later tells him that she loves him, but that they need to break-up for now. Carter begs David to tell her the whole truth and he begins to.

At the same time, Lori is having her interrogation and admits that she had an affair with David when the twins were a year old and he was having marital issues. They had met at a park and later met up at a bar. Lori then claims that David was supposed to leave Elizabeth and take the twins with him to be with her, while David recalls something different and that Lori didn't express particular interest in the girls at the time. David and Carter head to the police station to tell Elizabeth everything, but it is revealed that Elizabeth heard Lori's entire interrogation and has found out about David and Lori.

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