Stevens vs. the Commonwealth of Virginia was a 2015 kidnapping trial in which Lori Stevens was tried for federal kidnapping charges. Lori was found not guilty and was given custody of Ben.

Figures involvedEdit

Kidnapping victimEdit

Carter Wilson (born Lyndon Wilson) was kidnapped from her front yard when she was three years old by Lori Stevens, who then raised her as her own daughter, under the name of "Carter Stevens".


  • Carter Wilson
  • Benjamin Wallace - biological lovechild of David Wilson and Lori Stevens.

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The trialEdit

Carter testified Lori is her kidnapper and Elizabeth, her mother; she also stated "Carter Wilson" as her chosen and legal name. Lori's defense attorney asked questions about Carter's recent visit to see Lori in the wake of her suicide attempt. The attorney repeated in court exactly what Carter said to Lori during her visit, in addition to bringing up the "Love you more" phrases.