"The Long Goodbye" is the eleventh episode of the first season and the eleventh episode of Finding Carter overall.


Everyone remains stunned by the previous night's events; Carter's loyalties are tested.






Carter: Max? Max, it's me. I am so sorry. I am so sorry. I'm gonna make things right—I promise. But Max, you have to wake up—you have to wake up for me to do that.

Grant: Was last night just a bad dream?
Carter: No.
Taylor: Carter can find someone else to fight with—she always does.
Elizabeth: Carter, look at me. He left you alone, with your best friend dying in your arms.
Carter: Bird! You didn't want to get in trouble with your parents, so you had me sent to jail.
Bird: It's a lot more complicated than that.
Carter: Not to me, Bird.
David: You wanna play?
Grant: You know how?
David: No idea… so, guarentees you'll win.
(A few seconds later.)
David: Uh… which one am I?
Grant: You're the dead one.
Taylor: Why do you think you're the only one who's allowed to be upset?
Carter: Is this because of what Karen said about me and Max?
Taylor: Excuse me?
Carter: You've no reason to be jealous. You are his girlfriend, and he loves you.
Taylor: Who said I was jealous?
Carter: You can't hate me because she still cares about me; I'm the only one she knows here.
Tayor: I can't believe you just said that, Carter. You are a mess—seriously! You are such a mess.
Carter: Thanks, Taylor.
Taylor: Sure.
Carter: Thank you. Yeah, I am a mess right now; I am. I am a mess, because my best friend just got shot, because my boyfriend was the one who shot him, because my friend betrayed me, and now because my sister hates me. I am trying to make this all better.
Taylor: Well, you need to figure it out; Max is out of surgery.
Carter: You know, Karen, um, Taylor's been taking care of Max's plants all this time.
Karen: Thank you; he loves his plants.
Karen: That boy's never happier than when he has some dirt and a new package of seeds.
Taylor: Except when he's making croutons.
Ofe: He's great; he's at the top of my "If I Could be Anybody in the World" list. Like, above Beyonce.
Karen: You let him do laundry? Okay, you guys know all the shirts that he wears that are the same color? They did not start out that way.
Elizabeth: That's why I'm wearing black.
Bird: You're the girl everyone wants to know and who everybody wants to be with. I made a mistake—a really, really viscious mistake.
Bird: Carter, I don't know if you're ever gonna forgive me, but I'm just trying to be a real friend for you now. I'm happy Crash is out of my life, but I really think you need to get him out of yours.
Carter: Guys, I have been in there for hours, I just need a break; I need to go get, like… a burger and fries, or something.
Bird: That sounds great! I could go for a burger and fries.
Ofe: She really going for a burger and fries?
Bird: No, she's not really going for a burger and fries.
Gabe: Where's she goin', Bird?
Carter: Where am I going, Bird?
Bird: To see Crash?
Ofe: Carter, if I can see that he's scum, how can you not?
Bird: Carter, just don't do anything stupid, okay?
Carter: For once, right?
Crash: The thing is, Carter, I'm not so sure it was a mistake.
Carter: What do you mean?
Crash: Listen, I didn't mean to shoot Max—I didn't—but I shot him. Before I shot him, I was sitting in the truck, and I was watching you two touching and hugging and stuff—
Carter: Yeah, me and Max are friends; we do that all the time.
Crash: Yeah, and that pisses me off.
Carter: You want so much to believe that you're a bad person, but I don't buy it. I don't; you'll never convince me. I was there. It was an accident—I saw it.
Crash: This is love—this is that unbearable feeling that never goes away. Why do people want to feel like this?
Carter: I don't know.
Elizabeth: Listen, I'm really sorry about the way the night went. I know that I promised you that I wouldn't be a cop—you know, track your car and follow you—but I knew that you were going to meet Crash, and I couldn't let that happen.
Carter: I knew that.
Elizabeth: What?
Carter: I knew you were gonna follow me—in fact, I was counting on it.
Elizabeth: I don't understand what you're telling me.
Carter: Look, when Crash told me he was gonna leave town, a big part of me just wanted to let him go and… and just let the whole thing be over… but I could never do that to Max.
Elizabeth: Why didn't you say something to me?
Carter: Because I needed to see him; I needed to hear what he had to say. I really don't think anyone does anything for no reason whatsoever… you taught me that, actually. I really thought I could convince him to hand himself in, but I was scared. I didn't know if he still had the gun, and I didn't wanna do it alone… but I knew I wouldn't have to.
Elizabeth: You wanted me to be there.
Carter: I needed you to protect me… because you're my mom, and I love you.
Elizabeth: I love you.
Carter: Please don't give up on me. I have put you through hell… I'm still putting you through hell. But I promise you I am going to make it up to you.
Taylor: Thanks for having Crash arrested.
Taylor: Mom said you were great; she said you have a future in "hostage negotiating".
Carter: Great, thanks Mom…
Taylor: That's the first time I've heard you make that mistake.
Carter: Oh, um… not a mistake.
Taylor: Wow, that's big.
Carter: Yeah.
Carter: Oh, I brought you some stuff—clothes and stuff, so you've got something to wear.
Taylor: Carter, this is your sweater.
Carter: Oh, I know, but you always said how much you liked it… and your makeup bag's in there as well—you know… when Max wakes up.
Taylor: Thank you.


  • Max's mother is named Karen; his father is named Rich.
  • David got the teaching position at McKallister-Holt Academy.
  • Ofe used to go to McKallister-Holt Academy, but he was kicked out for a minor infraction.
  • Karen had Max young.
  • Max has always wanted a brother.
  • Bird is terrified of her parents; she doesn't know if her mom at least loves her, and she knows her dad's not interested.
  • Crash has problems with impulse control.
  • Carter tells Elizabeth she loves her and calls her "mom" for the first time.




  • Wally Gagel, Xandy Barry — "Fall From Above"
  • RICTOR — "Lost"
  • Jeffrey James — "We Were Golden"
  • Jasmine Thompson — "A Thousand Years"
  • Rivvrs — "Save My Soul"
  • Andrew Belle — "Black Bear"
  • Ellie Goulding — "Dead In the Water"
  • Kyler England — "Eye of Your Storm"


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