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  • Poppyfield

    After careful research into the matter of what to call/how to refer to Elizabeth Wilson and Lori Stevens, it seems the more accurate terms that do the least bit of harm among parents is "genetic donor" and "birth mother".

    Technically, Lori is biologically related to the twins, but she does not fill the mother role as per the definition to the both of them. Even though she raised Carter as her own for so many years, to avoid confusion and keep things as adequately accurate as possible, it may be best to refer to Lori as the Wilsons' "genetic donor" and Elizabeth as the twins' "birth mother". Thus when referring to the twins' parents, either "the Wilson parents" or "birth mother and biological father", because Elizabeth wouldn't be the girls' …

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  • Poppyfield

    So, in order to find more contributors and make this Wiki more well-known, I've been looking for ways to promote it. I'm going to eventually submit it to some web directories, but lately I've been trying to just get everything updated so it can/will be easier to keep it up-to-date.

    To get it into the Wikia Spotlight, it needs at least 200 pages. This seems impossible, but we're currently at about 60 or so, give or take. Obviously, character, cast and crew articles need to be filled out, but I sort of simplified the display and grabbed inspiration from the Degrassi wiki in hopes of it not having to be too detailed/complex. The majority of the articles for them are already created, save the few that haven't been, but that's fine.

    Anyway, I was t…

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  • Poppyfield

    Season 2 thus far is pretty amazing, methinks!

    Anyways, I created a Tumblr account for this Wiki, and I'm pretty hopeful peoples will join up and start contributing on here soon. c:

    I'll make a to-do list of what really needs to be done soon.

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  • Poppyfield

    Is anyone here?

    March 20, 2015 by Poppyfield

    With the second season starting the 31st, I'm trying to rush to clean this Wiki up. :s I would have come here sooner, but I didn't know Finding Carter had been renewed until I saw the preview. D;

    Anyway, I don't know if anyone's here, so if you are, let me know? :3

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