So, in order to find more contributors and make this Wiki more well-known, I've been looking for ways to promote it. I'm going to eventually submit it to some web directories, but lately I've been trying to just get everything updated so it can/will be easier to keep it up-to-date.

To get it into the Wikia Spotlight, it needs at least 200 pages. This seems impossible, but we're currently at about 60 or so, give or take. Obviously, character, cast and crew articles need to be filled out, but I sort of simplified the display and grabbed inspiration from the Degrassi wiki in hopes of it not having to be too detailed/complex. The majority of the articles for them are already created, save the few that haven't been, but that's fine.

Anyway, I was thinking, and I realized that, with the gallery and transcript article pages, all episodes will basically take up 3 articles—therefore, that's 36 articles for each season, which totals up to 72; 11 transcripts and 11 episode galleries still need to be made for Season 1, so… the 22 for Season 1 and 36 for Season 2 add up to 58; 58+61=119.

14 character galleries—15, if you count the latest new character, Hillary, that is to debut on Finding Carter soon—plus their actor gallery pages, adds up to 28-30, which makes 119 turn into 149.

I plan on creating a page for The Wilsons, wherein the house will be dissected, for lack of a better word, as well as for Quik N' Easy, Benjamin Harrison High School, and Fairfax Police Department. It by no means makes 200, or my list is very miscalculated and therefore wrong, but I did do all of this on paper, and I would really love any ideas people have.

I also made a Tumblr account for the Wiki! c: