Zac Attack #6
Zac Attack 6
Episode information
Series Zac Attack
Air date 19 May, 2015
Run time 1:24
Starring Zac Pullam
Guest(s) Cynthia Watros
Anna Jacoby-Heron
Caleb Ruminer
Alexis Denisof
Milena Govich
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Zac Attack #6 aired 19 May, 2015 and featured Cynthia Watros, Anna Jacoby-Heron, Caleb Ruminer, Alexis Denisof and Milena Govich.


Zac Pullam and the Finding Carter cast share their tips on what to do when you're grounded.


ZAC PULLAM: So in this episode, Carter gets grounded, and obviously, getting grounded sucks. So, uh, here's some advice for what you can do—some of the things you can do—when you're grounded.
WATROS: Well, I did this thing all the time when I was a kid: I threw myself a dance party—for one! [Dances.]
JACOBY-HERON: Listen to music.
PULLAM: Make a fort … with all your pillows…and stuff.
RUMINER: Color-coordinate your clothes…organize your room.
JACOBY-HERON: Put on all your clothes—all of them.
DENISOF: I do think this is an awesome time to get grounded, because… Internet.
PULLAM: Depending on the level you're grounded, if you still have your phone, text your friends, invite them over, play video games…
RUMINER: Make home movies with your phone.
GOVICH: If you get your technology taken away, there's this thing you may have heard of…it's called a book.
JACOBY-HERON: Find new and interesting ways to annoy your family so that they will unground you. [Laughs.]


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